Safe and sound and on time

📦 Cargo: crane equipment

🌐 Route: 🇨🇳Shanghai China – 🇷🇺 St. Petersburg, Russia via the Northern Sea Route

⏲Transit time: 33 days

✅Result: the cargo was delivered safe and sound on time

As part of the next delivery of crane equipment from China to Russia, we carried out a trial transportation along a direct route from Shanghai to St. Petersburg via the Northern Sea Route. Transit time was only 33 days. At the same time, the cost of transportation is comparable to traditional, longer routes.

In addition, the Northern Sea Route is also an environmentally friendly route. Its relatively short length allows for significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional shipping routes, it also meets modern environmental requirements. Undoubtedly, this highlights the growing importance of the Northern Sea Route as a strategic maritime transport corridor in global logistics and cooperation between China and Russia.