Business forum "Ports of Arctic"

A lot of attention is being paid to the Arctic and the Northern Sea Trade Corridor these days. Many projects are being implemented in the north, in connection with this, cargo traffic is increasing, coastal transportation is being developed. But still, the main goal, in my opinion, is the future development of international cargo traffic in the eastern direction.
It will not be possible to implement the project only at the expense of raw materials projects in the north, which are more localized, after all, in the western part of the Northern Sea Route.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop infrastructure, build a fleet, including an icebreaker fleet, so that there is a possibility of year-round communication between the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. This is not an easy strategic task, but it can be solved.
The community of professionals and politicians at the top are already taking steps in this direction. For this, this forum was held.